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Adult Nomination Form

Please choose year first

Please submit one form for each pennant competition you wish to play

Conditions and Guidelines for League Players

  • NOTE: Fines incurred from Tennis West are the responsibility of the defaulting team and not the Club

  • Players who wish to nominate for any 2020 Pennant Competition must be financial 2020 members of FPTC with no outstanding Membership, Pennant or other club obligations. Your nomination will not be accepted unless you are FINANCIAL

  • Pennant only members must evidence membership with a Tennis West affiliated club

  • Nominations will only be accepted if the fee is paid with submission of the nomination form

  • FPTC collects pennant fees sufficient to cover its costs. Where a team’s pennant fees exceed club costs, the excess will be refunded to the team captain.

  • In general, teams will be chosen depending on player competition tennis rating (CTR) and other factors)

  • FPTC cannot guarantee that every nominating player can be accommodated into a team – a sufficient number of players, of reasonable, similar standard are required to form teams

  • All players are to abide by the league laws in place by Tennis West

  • All team captains are responsible for ensuring there are sufficient players to play on their respective match days (players are to give notice if unavailable to team captains ASAP)

  • Reserve or emergency players are not required to pay $55 entry fee

  • Substitution rule – max one sub


Fee payment to be made by bank transfer to:

Floreat Park Tennis Club

BSB: 066-000

A/C: 11194380

Narration: Pennants “Your surname”

Thanks for submitting!

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